• 3 Myths About Clearing Blocked Drains

    If you're someone who hasn't studied plumbing, you perhaps don't know much about blocked drains. And when it comes to fixing them, myths abound. This blog post will debunk three of the most common drain blockage myths. So read on, and you can learn exactly what not to do when clearing a blocked drain. 1. Myth: Pouring boiling water down the drain will clear it If you've ever had to deal with a blocked sink or drain, you will understand some of the frustration of trying to clear the pipe.
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  • How to Avoid Problems With Your Domestic Water Supply Line

    Burst or leaky water pipes are never a good thing. They waste clean water, cause your water bills to go up and increase the risk of water damage to your home. Malfunctioning water pipes can also create the damp conditions that mould requires to grow and thrive. Mould can affect your health. Given the possible impacts of water supply line problems, you should do your best to avoid those problems. Here are some ways to keep your water supply pipes in tip-top shape.
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  • Numerous Benefits of Modernising Your Plumbing Fixtures

    A good number of homeowners are acutely aware of the importance of enlisting plumbing maintenance services from time to time. Yet, some of these homeowners tend to believe that the professional upkeep involved is limited to checking the integrity of the plumbing pipes and repairing or replacing this hardware as needed. Certainly, catching potential problems with this hardware is crucial, as this will save you from contending with issues such as blockages, low pressure and burst pipes.
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