DIY vs hiring a plumber

Posted on: 30 June 2015

In most homes, a little plumbing knowledge is necessary. The water circulation circuit in the home can get clogged at some points or you may have a small leak that you would not mind solving. However, you need to know that sometimes the problem may require a lot more than novice knowledge, and you need to know when to call it quits. Here's a compilation of plumbing problems and we can help you decide whether you need to hire a pro or get your hands dirty.

Drain problems

Issues arising from the drains can range in complexity, and it's also necessary to be aware of where your skill level lies. Dropping a hand band in the drain may be a pretty simple issue because you can be certain that heavier objects would settle at the P-trap. All you need to do is dismantle the drain and fetch it.

But what if it's really clogged and backing up? You'll first have to identify the cause of the block and find the best technique to unblock it. A plunger may not really be efficient in this case. Get a professional and have them inspect your drains. Besides, you need the plumber to help you make the necessary changes so as not to experience the block again.

Water pipes in freezing climate

You may also be faced with the phenomenon that occurs on every winter season — freezing pipes. If you wish to avoid the aftermath, then quickly thaw the pipes using a heat gun or blow dryer. That should be a simple DIY job.

However, if the pipes have already begun falling apart, then you'll have to hire a pro. You may have the skill to simply replace your pipes, but the plumber may give you a better position to relocate them. You don't want to replace the pipes and have them bursting again.

Toilet problems

Your toilet is not immune to the threats that face the plumbing world. In fact, it's got numerous weak points that may cause it to keep running and not function correctly in other ways. Some of the most common causes include a malfunctioning flow control valve, worn out stopper or the chain that links the stopper to lever may be tangled. These problems can easily be fixed by purchasing the necessary tools to replace them.

But the base of the toilet could be experiencing a leak, the toilet clogged or the bowl cracked. Such problems need you to call a professional because they take a lot of time to fix. These issues can also get quite frustrating and you need to be really careful not to make a single error.

All in all, the choice as to whether to DIY or call a plumber depends on your skill level and knowledge base about the problem at hand. In emergency situations, it's usually best to call a plumber from a company like P1 Plumbing & Electrical.