Simple Plumbing Problems That Aren't So Simple After All

Posted on: 30 June 2015

It's not uncommon for a homeowner to try to handle their own plumbing repairs, so that they can avoid the cost of a professional plumber and get the job done quickly. They may assume that they can watch online videos or check out certain websites that can help them address plumbing issues, but this thinking can be shortsighted. Some plumbing problems aren't as simple as they seem and should be left to a professional plumber. Before you waste time trying to handle complicated repairs on your own or make plumbing problems worse, note a few of those times when you want to call for a professional.

1. Leaking pipe connectors

When you notice a leak around pipe connectors, you might try some plumber's tape to try to seal off the problem. This might be a quick fix but it's rarely a permanent one. Plumbing connections shouldn't leak so when they do, usually there is corrosion or an improperly fitted connection. There may also be too much water pressure for the pipes and connectors. Whatever the case, that plumber's tape or glue or other fix will probably not hold for long, and you might soon see water damage to your home under the leak, so call a plumber to find the cause of the problem and address it properly.

2. Persistent clogs

A clogged bathtub drain is a common problem in a home, but it's not always so simple to address it. Caustic drain cleaners can damage pipes, and they may not fix problems that are causing consistent clogs. For example, pipes outside your home may have cracks and in turn, dirt has seeped in, causing clogs. Your home's pipes may have corrosion that is getting in the way of the water running freely. Failing to address these problems can mean persistent clogs no matter how much drain cleaner you use, which is why calling a plumber to find and fix the real problem is the better choice.

3. Low water pressure

Sometimes cleaning off the showerhead in the bathroom is all that's necessary to restore your water pressure, but if the problem persists, this is something best left to a professional. Your hot water heater may have a pressure indicator, but adjusting it on your own can mean causing too much pressure for your home's pipes. You might also be experiencing low water pressure because of a plumbing leak. Rather than assuming you can simply make adjustments on your own or ignoring the problem altogether, it might be good to call for a plumber from a company like Act Fast Emergency Plumbing Services to find out the exact cause of the problem and fix it properly.