Causes of Discoloured Water in Your Plumbing

Posted on: 6 July 2015

If you notice that the water in your home is discoloured, there are a few different plumbing problems that could be causing the problem. In some cases, it will be nothing serious, but you will need to have your water tested to find out what is causing the problem. It could be that you have black water because there is algae in the pipes or the pipes are actually starting to degrade and the black is caused by resin beads. Here are some more reasons water may be discoloured, and a plumber on the Gold Coast or in your area will be able to give you an even better idea of why this may be happening in your home.

Black Water Caused by Magnesium and Iron

In some cases, black water is caused by a build-up of magnesium and iron in the water. When there is magnesium, once it is mixed with oxygen, it is going to turn black. If you notice that the water inside your toilet tank is black, this is likely the problem. This is relatively harmless, but you will likely want to get rid of the problem to keep your toilets looking clean and keep the black water from flowing through your taps as well. To do this, your water will need to be filtered. A plumber will be able to let you know what will be necessary to get rid of the discolouration.

Pink/Orange Stains in Tubs and Sinks

If you notice that there is orange or pink staining in your tub and sinks, it is a good sign that there is a lot of iron in your water. This is especially common when you have a well, and it will be necessary to have a filtering system or a water softener to keep the iron out of your water. Again, you will need to have the water tested to be sure that this is the cause of the problem. You can buy your own water testing kit at any home improvement centre and do the testing yourself.

Rusty Water in the Kitchen Sink

When you see that there is rusty water inside the sink, and the water isn't draining properly, the most probable cause is a clog in the drain. The water just sits in the sink and will leave rust marks. It is important to be careful about not putting grease, food, etc. in the drain, as over time it will cause clogs and your sink could become rusty-looking. You may be able to unclog the drain yourself, but if the clog is too big, you will need to call in a plumber.