When Your Home May Need a Call for Electrical Services

Posted on: 4 August 2015

Most homeowners put off getting electrical services from a professional electrician until their home obviously has a problem with wiring; when the power goes out or electrical devices shut down altogether, then they'll call for repairs or upgrades. However, ignoring signs of needed electrical services can damage appliances and other devices. Having these done when needed can ensure that your electronics and your home are both protected. Note the following.

1. When wiring is exposed in the attic

In very old homes, wiring was often installed and then insulation was added over that, versus having the wiring closed up behind drywall. This exposed wiring may have had some protection by way of the insulation, but if it's outright exposed, it may be more prone to fraying. Rodents can chew away at the wiring and over time, the insulation may have gotten damp and started to cling to the wiring. 

If you are in your attic or crawlspace and notice older wiring that is exposed, it's time to call for electrical services. A professional can remove the old wiring and insulation safely and then replace it with new wiring that is better protected and which doesn't come into contact with insulation or other building materials.

2. When you want to use electrical devices outside

If your garage doesn't have enough outlets for you to use your air compressor, paint sprayer, and other power tools, and you find that you run extension cords from the garage to the kitchen or another area, it's time to call for electrical services. All those cords can be dangerous around power tools and any spills in the garage, and your kitchen may not have the proper wiring with its own circuits in order to provide the power for those tools. This can put added wear and tear on their electrical motors. 

An electrician can run the wiring needed to your garage and add outlets so that you can use whatever tools you need safely and with extension cords. They can ensure they're properly grounded so that any water, oil, or other liquids will not cause shorts or electrical fires.

Along with the garage, you may have an outdoor patio or deck where you use an outdoor heater, cooking equipment, and the like. If you're running power cords from the patio to the garage or elsewhere, this too can be dangerous and put wear and tear on those devices if the wiring is not capable of supporting them. Have an electrician add wiring to your outdoor space so you can easily support all those devices safely.