Water Purification Systems to Purify Your Tap Water

Posted on: 26 October 2015

Thousands of dollars are spent annually in buying bottled water, especially for people living in areas with contaminated tap water. For such people, home water treatment systems provide a sustainable alternative to give clean water for drinking and cooking, and they come in a variety of setups.

In order to determine which system best suites your home, it's important to understand the different systems available in the market. Do not simply choose one purification system over another simply because it's cheaper; rather, save for some time to buy a high-performing, durable system that will give you bottle-quality water for years to come.

1. Tap water filters

These drinking water filters are cheap and easily available in department stores, and they are the simplest of the pack. They consist of a system that is simply attached to the kitchen tap, and then the device is turned on to produce high quality drinking water.

In terms of performance, however, these drinking water filters measure up short. They deteriorate very fast, which means that filter components must be replaced frequently to maintain the quality of water produced. If you want to buy this system, ensure that the seal between your faucet and the filter fits tightly on installation, and regularly check that components are performing optimally by sending the water for testing.

2. Under-the-sink filters

These are more durable and high-performing compared with the former option. A plumber installs the water filter under your sink permanently, after which it produces good drinking water with minimal maintenance requirements. They are more costly than faucet filtration systems or filtering pitchers, but they offer a high level of efficiency, performance and convenience that is worth the additional cost.

If you live in municipal areas where your water supply is regularly tested for contaminants, under-the-sink filters are an ideal option just for your kitchen water. If, however, your water supply comes from a well or borehole, you may require a more elaborate system to ensure that all your water is safe for consumption.

3. Point-of-Entry Home Water Treatment Systems

As the name suggests, point-of-entry water filtration systems are installed at the point where water comes into your home to purify water supplied throughout the house. These systems are ideal to ensure that all water used – drinking, cooking and washing – is free from contaminants.

While well-water is usually free from contaminants unless the well or ground was altered, it may need purification for it to taste good and to remove excess mineral deposits that may be harmful to your health and even your plumbing. Get your well-water tested on a regular basis to determine whether your need a POE system to maintain your family's health and keep your plumbing from premature aging.

For more information about water treatment options and installing them in your house, contact local plumbers or a water treatment company.