Bathroom Renovations: Which Mistakes Should You Avoid?

Posted on: 2 February 2017

Whether your bathroom has begun to look haggard or if the various aspects need updating due to wear and tear, bathroom renovations would be the ideal way to go. However, since bathroom renovations can be pricey, you will find some people tend to do the least amount of renovations in an attempt to save money. The reality is that for bathroom renovations to be successful, you must have a clear plan on what you would like changed and not simply engage in renovations for the sake of appearance only. Functional, yet appealing, renovations are what will ensure that your bathroom is efficient and attractive for longer. Below are some of the mistakes that you should avoid when engaging in bathroom renovations.

Avoid ignoring the lighting

Bathroom lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects of renovations. This is because most people assume if they can see in their bathroom then they do not require lighting upgrades. The truth is that the lighting in older bathrooms was installed purely for utilitarian purposes. If you would like your bathroom to provide you with a spa-like experience that will leave relaxed and rested, you should also consider changing the lighting.

Other than the main source of light, consider installing task lighting at the various areas of your bathroom such as by the vanity and by the tub. You can even opt for mood lighting in the form of recessed fixture that will function to transform the bathroom ambience.

Avoid ignoring your tiling

Another area of the bathroom that can easily be overlooked during renovations is tiling. However, your bathroom tiles consume a significant chunk of the visual space in your bathroom. As such, if the tiling looks old and outdated, chances are your entire bathroom will look the same too. Thus, no matter how many renovations you may embark on for aesthetic reasons, your tiling will still detract from the beauty of your bathroom.

In this day and age, tiling comes in a wide assortment of materials, colours, shapes and. You can use your tiling to make your bathroom appear bigger. You can also use tiling to make your bathroom more functional by adding slip resistance in the form of natural tiles. Lastly, mosaic glass tiles would be a great way to create visual interest while still providing you with functionality. Overall, you no longer have to stick to the traditional tiles that are a staple in most bathrooms. For more information, contact companies like Banana Bathrooms.