What to Know About Smart Technology Hot Water Systems

Posted on: 2 December 2018

If you are in the market for a new hot water system, then you may find many of the new options have smart technology. You may start to overlook this option for a more traditional system. Before you overlook a smart connected hot water system, there are a few things you should know and consider. Here are a few of those key points and what to know about each one. 

Leak Detection

One of the leading reasons that people are moving to smart technology connected hot water systems is for the alerts. One of the main alerts available is leak detection. If there is a small leak, that you may not notice until it is too late, the system will notify you. This leak detection alert alone can save you, as a homeowner, costly repairs and labour costs. It can also save you from having to replace plumbing and flooring before the leak becomes massive and spreads or goes on undetected for too long.

Heating Timing

If you have times of the year that you will not be at your home, then you can use the smart technology to turn off or turn down the heating feature on your hot water system. Keep in mind that hot water tanks and systems will heat the water and keep it hot until it is ready to use. This is a wasted amount of energy if you are not going to be home for several days to weeks on vacation. You can adjust the heating timing and features from your phone or directly from your hot water system control panel.

Ability to Change Temperature

You may have an issue changing the temperature of the hot water on your traditional hot water systems. With a smart connected system, you can easily change the temperature by using your phone or the control panel on the water heater. You can adjust the temperature as many times as you need or set them on a timer to be hotter for certain times during the day like overnight when your dishwasher needs a hot water cycle.

By keeping these key points in mind when it comes to smart technology hot water systems, you can make a better choice as to which one is the best for you. If you find that the smart technology system is ideal, contact your local plumber or hot water system provider. They can help with pricing, options, delivery and installation.