3 Times It's Vital to Call an Emergency Plumber

Posted on: 29 May 2019

You need the services of a plumber if your home's water has lots of mineral deposits, if a faucet drips continuously or if you want to replace a bathroom fixture. However, those services can typically wait until it's convenient for you to call a plumber and work their services into your budget and schedule.

There are other times when it's vital that you call an emergency plumber and have them come out to your home as quickly as possible to avoid making plumbing damage worse and to ensure your home's plumbing features are safe for you and your family. Note three times it's vital to call an emergency plumber and schedule their services as quickly as possible and why these issues are so urgent.

Drains Are Coughing Up Sludge

A clogged drain is a somewhat serious plumbing issue itself, but when drains are clogged and coughing up sludge or other debris, it's time to call an emergency plumber. That sludge might be the result of dirt and debris falling through a broken pipe, which then pushes sludge back into the home. Ignoring this problem leads to even more severe damage.

The sludge in your home's sink or tub might also be very unsanitary and dangerous for your health. In some cases, it might even contain raw sewage. To keep your home clean and in good repair, call an emergency plumber if a drain is spewing out sludge, mud, silt, dirt, food particles or other such debris.

Low Water Pressure

In some cases, low water pressure is caused by a build-up of minerals and other residue along a showerhead or faucet. However, a lack of proper water pressure might also indicate a plumbing leak or broken pipe.

Ignoring plumbing leaks in the home increases the risk of eventual mould growth and also wastes water. Broken pipes outside the home allow in dirt and sediment, leading to clogs. To avoid these risks, call an emergency plumber rather than assuming that you can simply live with low water pressure for a time.

 You Hear Water Dripping

If you can hear water dripping behind your home's walls or what seems like an echo of water dripping in the basement ceiling, under a sink or elsewhere in the house, it's essential that you call an emergency plumber. Plumbing leaks need immediate attention, as said, and if a drip is so pronounced that you can hear it behind the walls, it needs fixing immediately!