Hold the Drain Cleaner: 4 Reasons to Call a Plumber Instead

Posted on: 1 August 2019

When a drain backs up, many people's first response is to rush out to the store and purchase a chemical product that promises to unblock the drain. However, plumbers warn that this can be a dangerous approach. Here are a few good reasons to pause and call a professional before you resort to pouring chemicals into your plumbing system.

1. A Plumber Is More Likely to Fix the Problem

Chemical drain unblockers are effective in a very narrow range of situations. If your drain is blocked with organic matter, such as rice, coffee grounds or vegetable peelings, chemicals can dissolve the clog and help your drain to flow freely again.

On the other hand, if the clog is due to a solid object (such as a tampon or child's toy) being stuck in the pipe, chemical drain cleaning products will be useless. Drain unblocking chemicals are also useless when drains back up due to tree roots growing into the sewer line or a blockage in the main sewer.

A plumber can identify the cause of your blocked drain and take action that will actually work to unblock it no matter what the cause is.

2. Plumbers are Safer Than Drain Unblocking Chemicals

If you have pets or young children, you should think twice before bringing chemicals for drain unblocking into your home. They are extremely irritating to skin and eyes and can be fatal if a person or animal drinks them.

If you have any product left over after unblocking your drains, you must store it somewhere that is out of reach of your kids and pets. Alternatively, avoid bringing these hazardous chemicals into your home by hiring a plumber to deal with your blocked drains.

3. A Plumber is the Eco-Friendly Option

When using drain unblocking chemicals, you need to consider not only your own safety and that of your family, but also the effect that these chemicals have on the natural world. Drain unblocking chemicals can harm or kill fish. Do your bit to keep them out of waterways by leaving them in the store and calling a local plumbing service instead.

4. Plumbers Take Care of Your Home

When you use chemicals, you can never be sure what effect they will have on your pipes and bathroom fittings. For example, many drain cleaning products are not safe to use on enamel bathtubs because they ruin the finish. Plumbers, in contrast, take care to leave your pipes and bathroom fittings in an undamaged state when they unblock your drains.

If you're having issues with clogged pipes, contact a plumber today!