5 Ways You Know You Need to Call a Plumber

Posted on: 21 October 2020

It is easy to forget or lose track of the plumbing system in your house. Most homeowners give this system very little attention because it's usually hidden. In fact, they only think of it when there is an issue. Yet, it remains one of the essential systems in any home. Unfortunately, a simple issue with your plumbing system could end up being very costly. Staying ahead of the warning signs that spell a disaster has always worked for many homeowners. It is the ideal way to keep your system in shape. As a homeowner, you need to take note of these five warning signs which indicate you need to call a plumber

The Water Pressure Is Low

Low pressure is often a sign that there is a malfunction in your plumbing system. If you have minerals or deposit buildup within your pipes, almost all the faucets in your home will have low water pressure. Leaks within the home could also reduce the pressure of the water in your home. If you notice this problem, don't fix the system on your own. Always consult a plumber for such repairs.

Slow Drains Everywhere

If you have a slow drain on one sink, this is perhaps something you can fix on your own. However, multiple slow drains could be a complicated plumbing problem. They indicate that there is a blockage that only a plumber can fix. A plumber comes in with special equipment such as cameras that can assess the problem beyond what you can see. They will go deep into your underground system to identify the root of the slow drain.

The Faucets Keep on Dripping

Most property owners will be patient and ignore the slow-dripping faucets. After all, this can be fixed by simply tightening the faucets. However, this is often not the case. You might be having cracks on your pipes, or the system was not installed correctly. Remember ignoring the drip means you are paying higher utility bills. Call in an experienced plumber and have it fixed immediately.

Disgusting Odours

While odours are not easy to ignore, some homeowners tend to assume the smell will go away with time. A blocked toilet or broken pipe could be the reason you are having the odours in your home. If you notice that something does not smell right, do not hesitate to call in a plumber. The smell could be coming from the plumbing system and you shouldn't wait for it to become unbearable. 

Some issues only require a quick fix. They will not cost you as much as you think. However, if left unattended, you might dig deeper into your pockets for repairs. To avoid this, calling in a plumber to repair the system or fix it is necessary. They'll offer maintenance and installation services at pocket-friendly rates.