Some Common Reasons for Gas Water Heater Igniter Malfunction

Posted on: 17 October 2019

Every hot water system has its own pros and cons, and gas water heaters are no exception. These water heaters are designed to provide you with reliable and efficient hot water supply for your household. However, they may develop problems like other types of water heaters, leaving you with no hot water for your household use. One of the common types of problems you may experience with your gas water heater is igniter failure.
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Hold the Drain Cleaner: 4 Reasons to Call a Plumber Instead

Posted on: 1 August 2019

When a drain backs up, many people's first response is to rush out to the store and purchase a chemical product that promises to unblock the drain. However, plumbers warn that this can be a dangerous approach. Here are a few good reasons to pause and call a professional before you resort to pouring chemicals into your plumbing system. 1. A Plumber Is More Likely to Fix the Problem Chemical drain unblockers are effective in a very narrow range of situations.
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3 Times It's Vital to Call an Emergency Plumber

Posted on: 29 May 2019

You need the services of a plumber if your home's water has lots of mineral deposits, if a faucet drips continuously or if you want to replace a bathroom fixture. However, those services can typically wait until it's convenient for you to call a plumber and work their services into your budget and schedule. There are other times when it's vital that you call an emergency plumber and have them come out to your home as quickly as possible to avoid making plumbing damage worse and to ensure your home's plumbing features are safe for you and your family.
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Ways an Inspection Can Mitigate the Risk of a Plumbing Emergency

Posted on: 11 March 2019

While acquiring your first home is an exciting process, being a homeowner means an increase in the costs of your household upkeep. Unlike a rental property where the landlord will be responsible for major repairs, you will be tasked with ensuring that all systems are running smoothly in your purchased house. One system that you cannot do without is your plumbing. Some new homeowners often overlook a plumbing inspection and later regret their mistake when they face massive plumbing problems.
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